Hillsborough County, General Election, November 3, 2020

President and Vice President

Joseph R. Biden
Kamala D. Harris

Representative in Congress District 14

Kathy Castor

State Attorney, 13th Judicial Circuit

Andrew Warren

State Senator District 20

Kathy Lewis


Gary Pruitt

Property Appraiser

Bob “Coach” Henriquez

Tax Collector

Nancy C. Millan

Board of County Commissioners District 6

Patricia “Pat” Kemp

Justice of the Supreme Court

Justice Carlos G. Muñiz

District Court of Appeal

Judge Drew Atkinson

Judge Morris Silberman

Judge Danil H. Sleet

Judge Andrea Teves Smith

County Court Judge Group 7

Bill Yanger

School Board Member District 3

Jessica Vaughn

School Board Member District 7

Lynn Gray

Soil and Water Conservation District Group 2

Michael Harvey

Soil and Water Conservation District Group 4

Sonja P. Brookins

Amendment 1: Citizenship Requirement to Vote in Florida Elections

No, this is stupid and makes no difference.

Amendment 2: Raising Florida’s Minimum Wage

Yes. $15 an hour is less than a baby sitter makes normally. It’s inconceivable that this isn’t the case already.

Amendment 3: All Voters Vote in Primary Elections for State Legislature, Governor and Cabinet

Yes. I’m mainly going to say yes because both parties hate the idea. I’m not keen on the sponsor, and this MIGHT hurt some minorities and partisans. But anything that shakes up this crappy system seems like positive change.

Amendment 4: Voter Approval of Constitutional Amendments

No. This is ridiculous. Basically an attempt to remove direct democracy because it’s hard? The Florida Senate already finds new ways to get around amendments all the time, let’s not give them added fire power.

Amendment 5: Limitation on Homestead Assessments

Yes. It adds a year, and might protect some people from property taxes rising too quickly… not 100% how I feel on this.

Amendment 6: Ad Valorem Tax Discount for Spouses of Certain Deceased Veterans Who Had Permanent, Combat-Related Disabilities

Yes. Giving disabled military spouse the same tax rates after their spouse dies? They had to pay more taxes AFTER they lost their partner? Sounds pretty freaking terrible.

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