2020 Democratic Party Ballot August 18 – My picks

Clerk of Circuit Cory and Comptroller

  • Kevin Beckner – although he ran against Frank, which annoyed me and a lot of people (even though it was his right) he is probably the best positioned candidate to win in the general. 
  • Cindy Stuart – she is a great candidate, but maybe a little late to the game and I just think that Beckner has more of the organization to win. 

Tax Collector

  • Nancy C Millan – already works in the department and knows the job. This is not a crazy partisan position and while she is a Democrat, her retiring boss, Doug Belden is a republican and he is endorsing her.
  • April Griffin – a great activist in the Democratic Party and a good person. 

Circuit Judge, 13th Judicial Circuit Group 9

  • John Schifino – Both seem to be good candidates, but I’m going with John because he has a fair amount more community service experience (although a lot looks to be related to his kid’s schools most likely), and he is a thoughtful, although somewhat verbose writer.
  • Kelly Ayers – She got the ‘rona, but I’m not holding that against her.  

Circuit Judge, 13th Judicial Circuit Group 19

  • Michael Scionti – He is already a judge, seems to have made reasonable decisions (I only looked at 10 or so) and is a strong writer, good communicator, and former House of Representatives Member (as a Democrat in Florida no less!) – guys knows the system and seems to try and improve it.
  • Ashley Ivanov – A website full of vague platitudes, non-specifics about pro-bono work, and the occasional mention of her church all point to someone I’m not voting for.

Circuit Judge, 13th Judicial Circuit Group 30

  • Helene Daniel – Helene is just as qualified as Danny, and doesn’t give me the creepy cop vibe.
  • Danny Alvarez – Danny seems like an ideal guy. A great background, and full of community spirit. Unfortunately he is super tied in with local sheriff and police systems, and I don’t think he’ll be fair when deciding about anything involving a cop.

I’m not writing about each candidate if there are more than two. I’ll just mention the one I like.

Circuit Judge, 13th Judicial Circuit Group 31

  • Greg Green – These are all pretty good candidates to be honest. I think it’s a toss up between Greg and Scott. I like Greg’s name, and his community service and various practice areas make him seem like the most qualified.
  • Scott Bonavita
  • Gary Dolgin

Circuit Judge, 13th Judicial Circuit Group 39

  • Steven Scott Stephens – While Wendy seems great, Judge Stephens is a smart, smart dude, and the most overly educated person I’ve ever read about. He has 7 degrees, including an M.S., Johns Hopkins, a computer science background, and a PhD in Business. Seriously, read about this dude
  • Wendy Joy DePaul

County Court Judge Group 7

  • Bill Yanger – Going to be honest here, Bill is the choice of two or three other sites I checked, and he seems fine. I basically got tired of reading about these people at this point. Nancy L. Jacobs – Seems like the next best choice to Bill. She also loves animals and does pro-bono work for animal welfare.
  • Monique Scott – Young, ex-copRickey “Rick” Silverman – Traffic lawyer

School Board Member District 3

  • Jennifer Hill – I’m going with Jennifer, but Alexandra is a close second. They’re both good writers and communicators, but Jennifer has more experience in the school system, a Masters in Education, and a business background to boot.Alexandra Gilmore – 2
  • Leo HaggertyMitch ThrowerJessica VaughnRick Warrener

School Board Member District 7

  • Lynn Gray – I say keep her. She is not churchy, or crazy, and seems to have done a fine job. Let her keep it for now.Sally A HarrisJeffery Alex James Johnson – (Do you have enough white guy names Jeff?)
  • Angela Schroden

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