The time has come again my friends to talk of better things.
Of PHP and shockwave sites and clever java strings.
Sitting alone, late at night, in frantic ten hour hacks.
The stupid things that students do to get that mid term of their backs.
The 28 by old AH, drag me down that Penny Lane.
The scary place memories stroll, driving me insane.

Of blondes and frogs, and hard-drive flops, a grinding teeth event.
The next day scabbing, the sun burn glow, my muscles all cement.
Live on pizza, live of beer, drink too much diet coke.
But of all my vises in here life my greatest is hookah smoke.

Tampa lingers heat to humid heat and bbqs with artificial meat.
Of swimming pools and Ybor smokes to watch the girls go by, with mini skirts and 5″ heels that’ll bring a man to cry.