We live in the 14th Congressional district of Florida. We try our best to vote in a thoughtful, well-researched manner. This is difficult; how the hell are we supposed to know who is the right person for the job of Soil and Water Commission? 

We would be considered lefties most likely by most people, so if you are hard-core, right-wing voter, this is most likely not what you are looking for. 

We sit here on the political compass

So, should you follow our suggestions? Well, don’t ever trust anything you read online 100%. Our intentions are good, but I’m sure we will make mistakes. Also, we cap ourselves at 5 hours of research per election. We generally are political news junkies however, and so that cap does not figure into our day to day political diet.

So, we do the best we can, and post it here, mainly because we got tired of emailing it the friends and family who asked every election!