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Mask Collecting Site

So not that I don’t have enough to do already, I’ve started another blog called – it’s basically a place for me to write a little more narrowly on something that I find interesting and that maybe one day can be useful to other folks out there who are interested in masks or collecting masks. I don’t plan to sell anything or start anything amazing… and I think that 90% of people will find it absolutly useless and dull… but, if you like masks, it might be fun.

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Seeing there is nothing really going on today… I’ll just post three odd pictures taken in the last day and a half… Happy Birthday me…

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Few Random Things With No Place To Go

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Poker Night is Getting Big

Yup, with a baby buy-in of only ten bucks, we’re getting the pot up to $160 or so almost every time. Next stop, a full table!

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Greatest Google Maps Shot Ever

Greatest Google Maps Ever

Greatest Google Maps Ever

Simply the greatest thing ever caught by those little Google trucks driving around for “Street View”

Here’s the link if you don’t belive it!

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Things to See and Do in Tampa

A list more for myself so that I can find these links again easily, but if you want some ideas of things to do in Tampa, help yourself:

Tampa Theatre
USF College of Visual and Performing Arts
Ruth Eckerd Hall
Tampa Museum of Art
Sun Dome
Side Splitters
Lowry Park Zoo
Gorilla Theatre
Fun-Lan Drive In
Jobsite Theater
Jannus Landing
Skipper’s Smokehouse
Arts Council of Hillsborough County
American Stage Theatre
The Palladium Theater
Mahaffey Theater
Arts Council

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Testing Blogging from My eye-Telephone


Yup, a new dawn has arisen. I’m not sure if that’s the right expression, but hey. This is being pecked out on my beautiful little touch screen, curtsey of Apple, Inc., At&t and my credit card. The age of blogging while sitting on the office toilet is finally here, the time where nerds will simply run over you in the corridor as they tell the world about how much they hate their office’s new shag carpeting, and the era of broken noses in glass doors and walls will at last be the fault of personal expression and not short skirts.

Thank you Mr. Jobs, you have taken the last waking moment of my day not spent in front of a screen and replaced it with one that will hurt both my eyes and my fingers.

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Katamari Accident

Simply Brilliant

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The Ubiquitous Hello world!

Well, it is here. With all the anticipation, fan-fare and hype that is a late night game of Solitaire. I have a blog. Great, now what. Well, I made this so that I could have somewhere other to put my writings and rants than my Moleskine, so I should probably start writing. Unfortunately, I am at work, and am doing this on my lunch break, so I won’t be writing anything other than this. I wonder what the difference in dates will be between this post (the one to see if this is all working) and the next one (the first bit of the actual “writing”). Hmmm. We’ll see. But I’m guessing that it will be a while. So enjoy the fugu.

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