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Worst Websites Ever

I’m not going to hyperlink these, other wise if you get over zealous with the control-clicks, it’ll bring down your browser pretty quickly.

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Digital Labs Media

logoOk, so we built a new company. Whatever, taxes get more and more complicated each time, but I still don’t think that anyone really does web design the right way. It’s one of those things that almost anyone could do if they had all the time in the world, or at least some tech know-how to get a content management system and a theme and put in all their text and pictures. Well in my experience, business owners don’t have enough time to work on things like writing their “About Us” page or getting a designer a whole bunch of “Products and Services” to go up on their site. Enter Digital Labs Media. DLM is a web design company in Tampa, FL, that will make all the content for you. Casey will come and take all the photos and interview your employees and scan the samples and whatever else you want up on the web. That stuff will all be crunched up and they’ll professionally write, edit and post your new and beautifully written copy to you now new and equally beautiful website. Check it out if you’re curious – it’s at – so much fun.

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Open Source Software

A nice little list of Open Source projects to replace those expensive one, just hire SourceTOAD and they’ll install and host any of these projects.

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Mac Keyloggers

If you think you have a keylogger on your Mac, be afraid. Be very afraid. If someone who knows what they’re doing gets a hold of your baby for longer than a few minute, there’s no telling what they could do – finding a keylogger does not mean that is the only thing they’ve done. In fact, finding one is a good thing, because it tells you to back your media and documents and BURN that hard drive.  Buy a new one. I’m not kidding. Also, change all your passwords, to EVERYTHING. And use real passwords. Please. Ok, now on the apps.
Some of this info was taken from (which looks like it was written to get hits about five years ago – and a bunch of other places – but I’ve found keyloggers are things that sixteen year olds and the French write when they’re angry or bored. Because the Mac actually is a really well made system, keyloggers are few and far between, but they do exist. Most of them are pretty stupid, and will stand out in the Activity Monitor like a sore thumb. Best bet though, simply reinstall your machine.

First run some antivirus stuff – I know I know, Macs blah blah blah, but it can’t hurt can it? has all of these guys on their threat list. It doesn’t explicitly state that it gets rid of them, but it would be odd to just list them… right?
ClamAV’s OSX port also should be worth a try – MacScan also claims to be able to find this stuff… but who knows – I didn’t test it.

If you are simply paranoid, and think that a hacker has done something to you, you can install a outgoing TCP/IP monitor and see if anything is “phoning home” – Little Snitch ( is the easiest, and Tripwire ( works pretty well if you’re a Unix kinda peep.

LogKext (
This is the most common one used as far as I can tell. Its stealthy to an extent, but removable.
Verion 1.2
LogKextClient is used to uninstall your keylogger. Open logKextClient and use the command uninst to automatically uninstall logKext – so if you run “sudo logKextClient” and you get “sudo: logKextCient: command not found” you’re probably safe.
Version 2.1
Their manual states “A standalone script has been installed in your computer’s root directory that will uninstall logKext. It is called LogKextUninstall.command.” So a “locate .command” should give you a decent list.
Remove it:
Delete these files – see disclaimer

BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger for Mac (

There is little to no documentation on this one. If anyone buys a copy and wants to rip it apart, please tell me. Thanks
Keyboard Spy 3.0 (
Not particularly difficult to find or remove – look for “keyboardspy” in your activity monitor, or just look for the application of the same name – delete it and you’re done. I’d open it first to see where it is saving the log files (which it lets you name whatever you want) so you can delete those too.

Backtrack (
Not really a true keylogger – it’s made for more ligitimate users wanting to track what they’re doing, but if someone thought you were pretty stupid, they might try it. Just look for a little revolver barrel icon in the system tray like in the pic.

TypeAgent (
I only installed trial version… so I just did these two steps  – but it showed up in the activity monitor.
1. Open the app from the applications folder. In the menu that pops up, there will be a button saying “Uninstall Type Agent”.
2. If it isn’t in the applications folder, go to your harddisk> library > Startupitems and delete the folder saying “TypeAgent”.

KeystrokeRecorder (
KeystrokeRecorder will only work if you check the ‘Enable access for assistive devices’ checkbox located in the ‘Universal Access’ System Preference pane. Simply go to the ‘Apple Menu’, choose ‘System Preferences’, then click ‘Universal Access’ – if assistive devices is checked, be suspicious (unless you’re blind or deaf or something)

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The Nerd Handbook

Probably one of the best descriptions of how most of the people I associate with function, and more likely how I function as well. Ladies, if you have a nerd, I would recommend reading this.

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Some Old Tech Ads

Some old tech ads from Bergen.

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Friendster Lives!

My first contact with friendster in yearsThis morning I received an email from Friendster. Yes, that’s right, the social network that started it all. I had hoped they had simply slipped into oblivion, with the founders forcing themselves to drink Busch Lite and erase themselves for their sins against humanity, but it appears that the are still around, and so is my account.

The reason that I have not heard a peep from the forefather of that eye-sore Myspace, and that time hole of Facebook, is twofold: I haven’t had the email account to which the Friendster account is linked, active in over two years; Second, one I know uses it, talks about, or even mocks it – that’s how old things can become on the Intra-web. So, what was the message you might ask? It was from my good friend Mandie, saying that she hadn’t spoken to me in a long time (which is odd because I saw her on Saturday), and that she didn’t use Friendster anymore, but rather something else which I had not heard of. The picture will make it slightly clearer.

So it turns out that the only thing that Friendster is now good for is as a medium for spammers to waste more of my time by sending more junk that’s going to get through my email filters. And I guess to hack my friends old accounts. When we’re all a hundred years old, are all our old accounts on long forgotten fad websites going to still be sending us fake friends requests, spam text messages and our tenth billion “Increase the size of your penis” emails. I have tried in vein to cancel my MySpace account for months now – it is simply not possible. How many of these types of awful ways to contact me are going to exist when I’m old and crazy and willing to click on the suspicious “banking refund” links or try giving that nice man in Nigeria a call.

I wait everyday, with dread, for the Internet to finally get me.

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