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Gwar vs Michael Bolton

Justin:  so you even admit it was a good value

Steve:  all shows are $$$ now yeah $45 to see elton john is a good deal

Justin:  so we should have gone but its over now

Steve:  you know what show is good value GWAR!!!!!!!

Justin:  no, its not good value, because they suck besides which
$25 for gwar compared to twice as much for elton john that’s not good value
i’m rocking out to some michael bolton right now

Michael Bolton – How Can We Be Lovers
Sent at 10:31 AM on Tuesday

Steve:  ಠ_ಠ

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Justin:  since panda didn’t help that much. but, a reply definitely doesn’t mean quality
I wonder how many posts are older than 2004 and have one or two replies
I should make a spreadsheet

Steve:  dust off the old excel chops

Justin:  I have no excel chops
I saw this guy on a conference call going balls deep on some spreadsheet.
It was awesome

Steve:  I don’t think any in history has been that excited about excel

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How IE is like a woman

Steve: how is you site coming

Justin: its going

Justin: you mean the design?

Steve: yep

Justin: its going OK

Justin: no big problems yet

Justin: not even with IE6

Steve: nice

Justin: ie6 is like a woman, just have to know how to treat her

Steve: grab her by her fucking throat and force her to do what you want

Justin: that’s how you treat your woman

Steve: if I had one a fucked up as IE I would

Steve: and I would only user her when I needed to test stuff out on

Steve: and I would never admit in public I was with her

Justin: haha

Justin: like a tranny

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More AIM Insights from Justin to Steve

Justin: I think short girls give better head

Justin: I’m not basing that on anything I actually know

Justin: just common sense

Steve: ?

Steve: what?!

Justin: I don’t know… seems logical

Steve: how so

Justin: they are are more appropriate height

Justin: plus, like I said, its just a hunch

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The funniest conversation I’ve seen in a while

Steve: you should set up a blog

Steve: or a flicker account of your time up there

Justin: Haha that reminds me of this guy I know who went to china and setup a blog

Justin: but all that was on it was stories about girls he tried to hook up with

Steve: oh yeah

Justin: but then he fell out of a third story window and had to be medivaced back home

Justin: then he got TB

Steve: wow

Steve: that is the worst story I have heard in a long while

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