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Happy Birthday to Jacob

Danny AlbertsonA little something for Danny: Happy Birthday you scum sucking, dead-dog fucking, dick licking, scab picking, chicken beating, shit eating, cunt chewing, vomit spewing, pus drinking, filth thinking, ass scratching, 70’s matching, nose digging, match rigging, corpse smelling, “eeee” yelling, Johnson loving, turd shoveling, penis drawing, clit gnawing, slack-jaw sounding, meat pounding, barrel scraping, baby raping, anus itching, eye twitching, blood shitting, bottle lipping, filth reading, ear bleeding, disease spreading, hell heading, chicken-scratch writing, cock biting, cum slurping, garlic burping, “dick-shit” screaming, gay seeming, pill popping, thrift-store shopping faggot.

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The Ubiquitous Hello world!

Well, it is here. With all the anticipation, fan-fare and hype that is a late night game of Solitaire. I have a blog. Great, now what. Well, I made this so that I could have somewhere other to put my writings and rants than my Moleskine, so I should probably start writing. Unfortunately, I am at work, and am doing this on my lunch break, so I won’t be writing anything other than this. I wonder what the difference in dates will be between this post (the one to see if this is all working) and the next one (the first bit of the actual “writing”). Hmmm. We’ll see. But I’m guessing that it will be a while. So enjoy the fugu.

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