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At a client’s office waiting for test data. Nothing else to do. Brain to dead to write, so Reddit. Reddit to memes. Memes to “I want to make it”. “I want to make it” to I’ll make fun of my friends.

If you want the original files they’re here:

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Justin:  since panda didn’t help that much. but, a reply definitely doesn’t mean quality
I wonder how many posts are older than 2004 and have one or two replies
I should make a spreadsheet

Steve:  dust off the old excel chops

Justin:  I have no excel chops
I saw this guy on a conference call going balls deep on some spreadsheet.
It was awesome

Steve:  I don’t think any in history has been that excited about excel

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Writing Project – design your perfect house in words.

Duncan took me up to his place that weekend, and what a place. Sitting halfway up a forested hill was some sort of post-modern experiment in Japanese architecture. Large and white, from a distance it looked like a large set of stacked rectangles with sloped Japanese roofs.

Coming to the front door was an experience in itself. The stone walkway led you through a small oak-slat gate between perfect, whitewashed walls. There was no handle, or even a discernible hinge. Embedded in the wood was some sort of inductive circuit, which when my host held his wrist watch to the gate responded with an elegant “click” that released the magnetic lock and the door silently yielded with the force of a finger.

The gate opened to a traditional Japanese garden atrium of simple stone, ferns and bamboo. A small stream wound its way around the garden, running under the walkway from the gate. In the center of the atrium sat a comparatively plain set of wooden furniture. The house itself surrounded the entire atrium. On all sides, glass sliding doors opened onto the various rooms of the house. In front of us, the sliding doors were open directly to the kitchen, with the oak hardwood flooring one small step up from the garden. It appeared that some one had been a little over zealous with the stainless steal in the kitchen design, but it still had a warm feeling from the light that pored in from small, wide windows that ringed the entire room, high up near the ceiling.

Almost everything the house had the same lighting and flooring: slick, warm and sophisticated. The main bedroom differed slightly in that it was floored with tatami mats, and a low profile bed. The room also had the same sliding glass doors on both sides of the walls. When I first entered, the glass doors were totally opaque, but as my host slid his finger over an unseen panel in the wall, the glass became transparent, basking the room in light and the view of the atrium on the one side, and the pool and deck in the back.

Parts of the deck actually overlapped the swimming pool, and were spaced with glass panels for maximum effect. The steps to the pool started at the same level as the deck, and slowly descended to the bottom of the pool, which flowed off the side of some unseen barrier as if waterfalling into the wooded back yard.

“Not bad, eh” said Duncan as he grinned.

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