How to vote if you are a progressive in Hillsborough County – 2016 General Election

Big Ticket

President and Vice President
Do I have to even say?

United States Senator
Patrick Murphy

Representative in Congress District 14
Kathy Castor

State Attorney, 13th Judicial Circuit
Andrew Warren

State Representative District 63
Lisa J. Montelione

Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller
Pat Frank

Property Appraiser
Bob Henriquez

Board of County Commissioners, District 6
Patricia “Pat” Kemp



Charles T. Canady

Jorge Labarga
In (but begrudgingly)

Ricky L. Poiston
Out (dear God out!)


District Court of Appeal

John Badalamenti

Marva L. Crenshaw

Patricia J. Kelly

Nelly N. Khouzam

Matt Lucas
Out (Oh Hell No)

Robert Morris

Stevan Travis Northcutt

Samuel Salario Jr

Craig C. Villanti

Douglas Alan Wallace


The Rest

Circuit Judge, 13th Judicial Circuit Group 24
Melissa Polo

School Board Member District 7
Cathy James

Soil and Water Conservation District Group 2
David R. Phillips Jr

Soil and Water Conservation District Group 4
Nicholas Tobasco Bissett

Tampa City Council District 7
Luis Viera



No.1 Constitutional Amendment Article X, Section 29 (Rights of Electricity Consumers Regarding Solar Energy Choice)
This is a bullshit title. This Amendment is a Power Company Lobbyist’s wet dream. NO!

No. 2
Constitutional Amendment Article X, Section 29 (Use of Marijuana for Debilitating Medical Conditions)
Yeah, why not 🙂 I’m not a smoker, but I want as many steps to get some decent tax revenues out of what is currently a billion dollar illegal trade in Florida.

No. 3
Constitutional Amendment Article VII, Section 6 Article XII (Tax Exemption for Totally and Permanently Disabled First Responders)
This is a tricky one because it adds junk to the constitutional tax rules, which are messed up enough already. But it’s the right thing to do, even if done wrong.

No. 5
Constitutional Amendment Article VII, Section 6 Article XII (Homestead Tax Expedition for Certain Senior Low-Income, Long-Term Residents; Determination of Just Value)

Referendum For Voters in City of Tampa
This is your typical “We don’t want to make a decision, so we’ll make the voters decide” – It probably won’t do anything, but it should probably be a yes.

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