Charlie Sheen Enlightened?

Why are we obsessed with Charlie Sheen?

Well I think the reason is that we, as human beings love to talk about other people; It is our favorite thing to do. We don’t actually talk about much else.. we gossip; when was last time you hung around with a group of your friends and didn’t talk about some detail about some friend that you knew mutually. Most celebrities are a of kind mutual friend that we all have in common. So when one of them explodes or goes catatonic, or does a 3 Mile Island then it’s something we can chat about, all relate to, and its something we can all talk about the same way we do with the weather or sports or who’s getting married. And it’s always the friend that that has the most problems and issues you most like to talk about.

But is he crazy? Well I’ve heard some very similar things come out of the mouths of folks who have become enlightened the easy way, that being the drug way. Considering the man’s lifestyle, I’d guess that things like “winning” and “getting it” and “knowing the truth” are actually right. Not that anyone other than a few would even understand what I’m talking about, but yeah, I think Charlie Sheen found enlightenment. What a good joke 🙂

Seriously dude, we’re F-18s bro, WAY better than Neon.

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  1. Ravenhall March 18, 2011 at 3:59 pm #

    You might be on to something here. Watching the video interviews does seem to suggest he’s experienced Kensho. Some of the remarks that he made about overcoming his addictions “… with [his] mind” are particularly sapient, despite the public ridicule being heaped upon them. Quotes like “I don’t sleep… I wait.” bring to mind the Bardo state. It is exceedingly rare, but very possible to experience Bardo and directly apprehend the karmic seeds of the ?l?yavijñ?na consciousness while within Kensho. Addictions would evaporate effortlessly – in the same manner that a rope mistaken for a snake in the dark becomes instantly apparent when the light is turned on.

  2. Kassandra May 17, 2011 at 9:12 am #

    I don’t realesed what the gossip was..

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