New Scale for Anything

We came up with a new scale for how good or bad anything is. English has words like “fantastic”, “great”, “poor”, “awful” etc. Now these are all fine and good, but there is still not enough of a set subtly that would be widely understood. So this is our new scale. Number one is perfect and number 10 is as bad as something could possibly be.

  1. Seven Samurai (simply perfect)
  2. Pulp Fiction (game changing, brilliant)
  3. The Last Crusade (really good, entertaining, feel-good)
  4. Rocky (Good, will see anytime I’m sick)
  5. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (pretty fair, like it, not really good, but you can’t not like it)
  6. Office Space (you want to like it, but you can’t, a lot of people say it’s good, but you know it’s really not)
  7. Anaconda (good-bad, but you still like it because it’s bad)
  8. The Transporter (Simply terrible. There is no way you would watch this again sober)
  9. Plan 9 from Outer Space (So bad that it’s almost good again, but you know that it’s not)
  10. Manos hands of fate (Nothing could be worse without involving testicles and razor blades)

Now this may look like it would be difficult to work into conversation, but it really works quite well after you’ve gotten it down. You can actually FEEL the difference between the films. For example:

“How’re you feeling man?”

“Well I just ate a burrito from that Transporter looking place down the road, and it was totally much more Rocky than the Office Space I was expecting – taste wise that is… because now my stomach is feeling a little Anaconda-ish”

“Dude… you should of had some of my Pulp Fiction Publix sub!”

Easy right?

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