Cult Moives and the Best, Worst Movies Ever!

Well, not that I don’t have enough to do at the moment but Steve, Casey and myself have started a little something called What it is at the moment is a review site for cult films, b-movies, old, terrible horror and science fiction films and nice long lists of things like the “worst movies ever” and “worst video game movies.” But wait! There’s more! We are going to be streaming a bunch of these cult movies as well. Yes my friends, we have gotten hold of a mass of old, weird horror, sci-fi and fantacy films from the 50,60s and even the 70’s and are going to be streaming them on the site the second they’re all reviewed – and it’s FREE!. Anyway, the ultimate goal is to build it up a little more on the content side, and then begin charging a nominal fee for the content that we will have to licence – but that’ll probably take some time. So, if you’re interested in writing a review on some of these terrible gems, you can download them of, or just give me a call.

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