The 10 Coolest People Alive

Alan Rickman10. Matt Stone and Trey Parker

Tripping on LSD at the Academy Awards while wearing the dresses that Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez had worn the previous year should be enough to put them on any list for any category of anything ever.

9. Jeremy Irons

His website is not only awesomely gaudy and ugly, but his portrayal of Simon in Die Hard 3 is what inspired me to become a super-villain. 

8. William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy

If you think of these two great musicians as actors from Star Trek, then you have simply not lived. 

7. John Stewart and Steven Colbert

Because they don’t even need writers. Well, they help, but I don’t have writers so I have to take them at their word.

6. Steve Jobs

Well he didn’t sanction this movie, but he worked for Atari, founded Apple, NeXT and Pixar… not bad for a guy who didn’t used to shower.

5. Hugh Laurie

Have a problem? Dr. House will solve it by medicating himself. And pick up a copy of Black Adder while your at it, the idiot Prince George will give you an idea of how good old Hugh really is.

4. Charlie Rose

For God’s sake! The man went on the air with a black eye because he dove to save his Mac Book Air! That is the kind of dedication I look for in my journalists.

3. Hayao Miyazaki

The god of animation, mind shatter recovery and Totoro! Life without this man would not be worth living.

2. Makoto Nagano and Kazuhiko Akiyama

After twenty seasons there have only been two winners of Ninja Warrior. TWO! IN TWENTY SEASONS! There is nothing like it in the United States, or anywhere else. Any other show would realize they need easier obstacles, but not the Japanese!

1. Alan Rickman

The man played Richis, Severus Snape, Marvin, The MetatronHans Gruber and the great, the magnificent, Sheriff of Nottingham. His career of evil, brooding characters who get to say things like “Because it’s DULLyou twit. It’ll hurt more” has made him the coolest human being alive. 

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