Screw the Handicapped

The men's sign outside the bathroom in my office park

I don’t know if everyone else will find this as strange as I do, but this picture was taken on the first floor of a three floor building. Now I am not the world’s leading advocate of handicapped rights, but I don’t park in handicapped spaces and don’t throw people out of their wheelchairs when I arrest them. However, I’ve got to say that putting the wheelchair accessible bathroom on the top floor does seem to be a bit of a sick joke… Even for this place with it’s shitty cafeteria and leaking water feature.

A side note on the service on the cafeteria, when I pay for my daily sandwich or diet mountain dew, I use, like everyone under the age of 30, a debit card. This card is placed in the greasy proprietors hand and he (as is the custom) swipes my card though a machine of dubious security. He then places my card on the cash register until the transaction is confirmed. In other words, I have to stand there with my wallet open until he gives my card back. Why? Do I look like I’m going to run off and the card is going to come back as overdrawn? Does my suit scream criminal or lowlife? I mean, I have to sign the damn receipt anyway, so I have to wait for that. I don’t understand. I guess I’ve never had a real job – meaning one with cash register – so I wouldn’t understand. But one day, I’m going to nicely rake my card and receipt back from the gentleman, snap the card in two in front of his face and slit his throat with the jagged edge of my broken card and the snapped side of my psyche.

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